Sidecars featured on this page are exclusive to F2 Motorcycles Ltd.
Our sidecars have hand made steel or fibre glass bodies.
Available in both standard chassis and heavy duty chassis version to suit all needs.
We use a HD shock absorber and a 20 mm wheel axle for extra strength

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Dart Sidecar
sidecar fittings
Unique Frame Fittings. The unique clamp design adjusts to fit any tube from 25mm to 32mm diameter. We offer a wide range of fittings making our sidecars easy to fit at home. .

Tubular steel enclosed loop with additional strengthening
Oil damped progressive coil spring with preload adjustment
16 or 19 inch spoked with 20mm axle
We can supply for home fitting, pre fit or you can choose your own
Full range of chassis, steel or fibre glass bodies
Removable carpet, single seat, locking storage area
Weight 75kg,
Fitting Service. If you are having the sidecar fitted by us please be aware that the fitting price does not include any special sub frames, gearing changes or steering dampers your bike may require. Our fitting cost includes wiring, test riding and set up alterations to ensure the handling is correct. Generally if you have a duplex tube frame with a high torque mid range engine you will not require any further parts or alterations. We are happy to inspect your bike and give a fixed price quote in writing before any work is carried out. If you would rather fit the sidecar yourself please be aware that it is often not as straight forward as it may appear. If you choose this option, and many do, we will do our best to offer guidance but can not take responsibility for the handling and setup.
triumph sub frame
Sub Frames. The universal fitting kit available from us does not include any additional sub frames. In many cases they are not needed. On some modern bikes there is no frame work low down near the back to attach the rear lower mount to. Some people just slide the rear swan neck forward a little so it can attach further forward. This is OK, but we prefer to extend the bike frame backwards by fabricating a sub frame so the rear lower eyelet is just in front of the rear wheel. If you are fitting the sidecar at home these sub frames can be made easily using 6mm plate steel. As you can see in the picture they should be triangulated horizontally and vertically for strength.
Sidecar Law. You can ride a motorcycle and sidecar if you have a full motorcycle licence. If wish to ride an outfit on L-plates, the following information should be useful.
In order to ride a motorcycle and sidecar combination all learner motorcyclists are required to complete a CBT course before being allowed to ride with ‘L’ plates. The combination should have a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16 kW/kg. All full car licence holders, regardless of when they passed their test, are required to complete a CBT course before riding a combination with ‘L’ plates. A CBT certificate is valid for two years from the date of course completion. Learners cannot carry a pillion or side car passenger.
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