WK 650 TR
649cc 4-Stroke
6 Speed manual
17.5 Litres
Front Tyre
120/70 x 17
Rear Tyre
160/60 x 17
Price O.T.R.

Sorry this model is no longer available.
We should have the
new Euro 4 version soon.

WK 650 TR

The TR designation stands for tourer and the WK 650 TR certainly lives up to its name. Comfortable, smooth and torquey. Great weather protection and built in lockable panniers. WK have really thought about what todays tourer needs, but more importantly they have considered what you don't need. Do you really need a heavy cumbersome 1200 cc tourer that certainly feels great on the autobahn but becomes tiring when exploring smaller twisty roads. The 650 twin packs enough grunt to easily keep up with all traffic at UK legal speeds. It's even got a bit of extra in reserve should you need it. Being a twin the motor combines smoothness and character. It's not so light it feel flimsy, but has just enough weight to track nicely even on windy days while being nibble enough to hustle trough the twisties. The power and torque figures really don't tell the whole story as they show the peak figures high up the rev range. However in the real world the EFI system pulls well from low engine speeds developing good power and torque across a very wide rev range. Making good progress and easily keeping up with other vehicles rarely involves dropping a gear and gunning it. The WK 650 TR is pretty much perfect as a solo tourer, with the ability to carry a pillion if needed. If you are carrying a pillion all of the time, every day, day in, day out maybe you do need that 1200 cc heavy weight, but if you mainly ride with just luggage this 650 might suit you well.

Like all of our bikes the price you see here includes our comprehensive preparation and all on the road costs.

69 bhp @ 8500
62 NM @ 7000
220 kg
60 mpg
70+ mph
 Est max
120 mph
Seat Height
795 mm

WK 650 TR - Optional Extras

We run a WK 650 TR as our personal bike so we are looking at options to further improve this great bike.
1. Adjustable wind deflector (allows you to tailor the air flow for your height) = £75.00
2. Adjustable front foot pegs (allows the front foot pegs to adjust up/down/back or forward) = £75.00

* O.T.R. pricing
All prices are displayed as "On The Road".
This includes our comprehensive preparation & road testing to ensure all bikes meet our exacting standards.
Our prices also include registration fee, number plate, 12 months road tax, 12 months warranty
In addition we include a full tank of fuel & Alpha Dot security markings at no extra cost to you.
Beware of other sites that appear to show a lower price and then charge for all these items.
O.T.R. excludes your insurance.
We will take a deposit, issue you a number plate, and Alpha dot security number.
You simply arrange insurance, let us have the certificate, and we will do everything else for you.


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